Who Knew? : holidays are best in a pair of sweats

The hubs and I normally make a huge spread for Easter and invite a bunch of people and have an open door policy all day.  It usually amounts to a ginormous mess, lots of laughter, pranks abound, and an adult egg hunt that shames even the neighbor children.

Nothing much changed this year, except the party, the dressing up and the egg hunt. OK, OK, so pretty much everything changed, but, it was a welcome change of pace.

 We still made a giant spread of food, just without the mess afterwards, made a tower of bunny cupcakes (that were so horribly done I would have thrown them out if we were having company – true story), and instead of an egg hunt, we dyed  eggs and played some football outside (the island life is really nice when it comes to the weather), and the BEST part was, instead of putting on our Sunday best, we kept our sweats on ALL day!

I have to admit I love hanging out with great company and being surrounded by good friends but – I am a tad crazy OCD when it comes to cleaning, prepping and preparing for a party – so it was ah-mazing not to be stressed out and veg on food all day without worrying what people would think of my growing bloat belly :)

So, what do you think? … solo holidays in sweats.. made for you? or take a pass?



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