Florals and Tie Dye – OH MY !

Here a pattern, there a pattern, everywhere a pattern.  Well I know that isn’t quite how the saying goes, but, in my house it most definitely applies.

Living in military housing (IS NOT the dream, let me tell you) means you spend a ghastly long time trying to come up with creative ways to make the dingy walls appear a little more humble, the cabinets and flooring from the 70’s to appear a little less noticeable, and to plug in as many scentsy’s, burn as many candles, and spray an ungodly amount of room spray in order to convince yourself that mustiness is all in your head.

Ah, I regress. One of the ways to make a space truly your own and to help it feel a little more homey is to add area rugs and throw pillows where you have lots of open space and/or non carpeted flooring.  Cue, the fun… because pillows and area rugs aren’t overly large and you may be able to pull a few together in one space, play around with the patterns and mix traditional and contemporary designs. My caveat however, is to try to stay within the same color scheme so that your house doesn’t say ‘yes, I am completely lost’.

Here are a couple of my favorite patterns I’ve mixed in the form of tie dye and lots of mod florals! … Have fun with it and decorate away lovies ~



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