Foodie Friday: Red Raspberry Cupcakes


My ever-expanding waistline is possibly the only clue necessary to the fact that I really enjoy cooking but I enjoy LOVE eating even more. I find being in the kitchen cathartic and usually take every opportunity possible to make all our meals from scratch.

Though,even, the wifey needs a day that’s a bit more simplified… enter  my easy peasy weekend cupcakes!

I like to cut some of the fat and calories out of my weekend treats wherever I can, (just so I don’t feel über guilty) so below, is my way of altering the recipe in order to do so. If you like your cupcakes loaded with all the good stuff and unaltered then just follow your box recipe.

I hope everyone indulges this weekend like I’m about to :)

~ Happy Cooking bloggies ~




  • 1 box of your favorite white cake
  • unsweetened natural apple sauce — (replace oil w/equal parts)
  • egg substitute –(1/4 cup per egg called for in recipe)
  • Red raspberry preserves*
  • water

*I like to use preserves because it adds a nice texture that makes it taste more home-made  but, feel free to use jam, jelly or marmalade …whatever suits your fancy


  • package of cream cheese flavored frosting
  • red raspberry preserves


IMG_1361Preheat oven per box directions, and line your cupcake tin

Blend the cake mix, egg substitute, apple sauce, and water according to package directions



fill cupcake tin 1/3 full



place 1 tablespoon preserves in tin, then cover with remaining batter




cook according to cake package instructions

meanwhile, blend the cream cheese frosting (at room temperature) with 1/4 cup preserves




cool cupcakes in tin on wire rack for 10 minutes, transfer to freezer for 5 minutes

then frost away and choose a garnish for a touch of Wonka delight (i used candy raspberry and blackberries)




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