N. Korea might hijack ‘my so called life’


It’s no secret that North Korea has been making threats across the board to every nation they can possibly offend, while ‘leader’ Kim Jong Un has become increasingly enthralled with the internet chatter mocking him and his threats; much like a catty high school girl waiting for the moment for her revenge after someone called her fat on Facebook.  Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t vested too much effort into taking anything the rotund man-child has to say seriously. However, as the days pass and the threats continue, I tend to listen a bit more closely.

Why, you ask? Well for the simple reason that I live on that tiny island in the middle of the pacific they  are ‘targeting’.  I’m going into the fourth year of living in Guam, and it has been anything but easy. I have been counting down the days until we get orders and can look for a home back state side  see our families, hug our parents, finally get the opportunity to see my husband’s niece and nephew that we haven’t even met, indulge in some Panera Bread & NY pizza, (yes, the little things definitely matter, trust me), and enjoy the fall and winter months again.

The hubs and I are supposed to have  orders by June of this year in order to make such plans (which I couldn’t be more elated about) but, with the sequester it set all of that back,  took away a bonus that we desperately needed in order to make ends meet with the move, and NOW this nonsense with N. Korea may prolong my time on this island even more.

 See, if the threats are deemed valid by the US Govt.  (which has begun) then they send a bunch of troops and missiles here (this week) and then deploy troops and make the base we live on a strategic war position. Basically all boiling down to the fact that Kim Jong Un may prevent me from getting home and take my hubs away from me again when I just got him back =  hijacking my life.

I know it isn’t the greatest sob story ever told, nor meant to be, just the sound of my bubble bursting.


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