Vintage Inspired Weekend Wear

Living in the middle of the pacific, on a really small rock, with one “mall”, with the only recognizable stores being Macy’s and Gap, puts a bit of a hitch in a girl’s shopping giddy up. Needless to say I am an avid online shopper.

That being said, I have also come up with my own system that seems to work pretty well for someone on a budget or anyone looking to save on exorbitant shipping fees (i.e. me).When I place my orders online I do it from only one place at a time and try to get as many things as I know I want need. When shipping fees range anywhere from $5 -$100 regardless the weight, it has become the most efficient and monetarily savvy way for me to indulge in all my consumer whims.

Therefore, this post is inspired by the truly AH-mazing Miss Sophia Loren and her fabulous weekend wear look. All items for the modern day take on the fabulous vintage look are from the lovely Piperlime.

What quirky things would or do you do in order to shave a little off the price of fashion?



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