You know you’re a nerd when…

…. you fall asleep with a video game controller in your hand and your wake up call is an online player yelling at you in your headset. Sadly, this is what happened to me yesterday.

The weather has been very dark and rainy and the house even more dark and empty due to my husband being gone again (bleh- the life of a military spouse), thus allowing my geekdom to make a full time appearance.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with being a total nerd and having a love of all things comic book, video game and anime related, but when you’re a 28 year old chick you tend to keep it on the low for the most part.  When I was in the Navy it was much more acceptable for this side of me to make an appearance due to the fact that all the dudes surrounding me were indulging in their inner child too — or rather maybe just indulging since dudes never really grow up.

Ah, I regress, it seems that as we age we tend to put aside parts of our personalities in order to “fit in” or appease the others around us. I however, haven’t ever really been able to do so. I am very blunt, for the most part too honest, and a nerdy tomboy that loves pretty things and using clever words.

All traits, which I never intend to change because in a way it has become my armor. Not in the sense that it shields me or prevents me from anything but more so in the way that I can see bull crap from a mile away and know when people aren’t being authentic or honest with who they are.  I mean really, who has time for all the high school nonsense when you’re almost 30?! I assure you, I do not.

Knowing who you are and not worrying about changing any of it or putting it out for all to see also helps you to appreciate yourself. I recently discovered just how freeing it was, when I did a photo shoot to celebrate my nerdy side and loved every minute of it.







So bloggie lovers, what side of you do you tend to put aside for others, or are you proud of all your bits and pieces, because you SHOULD be :)



  1. Benny · June 5, 2013

    YES! A fellow fitness nerd! I have found you, haha. Love the blog :)

    • wanderlustaimless · June 5, 2013

      ha ha we fitness nerds are few and far between lol thank you for liking my nonsense :)

      • Benny · June 5, 2013

        of course, I’ll be sure to stop by whenever I’m online.

  2. chefman316 · June 10, 2013

    Hot nerds are by far…the best.

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