Big Girls Don’t Cry?!

Then why is it that I find tears streaming down my face?

When nothing seems to be going your way and every decision you have made over the past few years suddenly smacks you in the face and makes you think twice, what do you do?

I looked around, got overwhelmed, thought some more, and then it all hit me, all at once. Like the roof of my brain blew off and the wave of emotions came crashing down. I cried, then cried a little more.  For a girl who has made it a point her entire life never to cry ESPECIALLY NEVER in public (my dad told me crying is a weakness I always believed him) just highlights how sad I really am.

The worst part? let’s see probably that I have no one to talk to about it, no one to vent to, and so I’m writing a blog about it :/I’ve officially won the pathetic award for the year, nay life.

When everything seems to be on  collision course and your future seems more dim than the day before, what then? what’s next? Weeks full of figuring it out, maybe working it out, days of rash decisions, or going along with all of it in a bubble of ignorance and non recognition. The road ahead looks very bumpy and convoluted.


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