DIY: comic book wall art

Lots and lots of bare white walls is no fun for anyone.

However, covering every inch of those white walls with paint is no fun either when you have to re paint them white in a year when you move out, and plastering them with mixed frame photos can only be done so many times before it looks like you have split personalities spilled all over your home.

So, why not make a few odds and ends to fill some random space? At least that was my mentality when I started to make some word wall art out of a comic book.  To stay true to my geekdom ways and love for all things peter pan related, I chose one of my all time favorite phrases “Never Grow Up” to adorn a wall visible from almost all of the house as a daily reminder to always have a little fun.

Lovies, grab yourself some thick scrapbook paper, stencils (if your free hand isn’t too reliable), pair of scissors, plain white paper, black Sharpie, decoupage glue and sealer, exacto knife, and a comic book of your choosing.


  1. Stencil your letters or free hand them onto plain white paper. I used printer paper and fit 1 of the larger letters on 1 sheet each and 2 of the smaller letters on each sheet
  2. Then mount the plain white paper on the thick construction paper so that the glue has something to seal to without the paper falling apart or curling over on itself.
  3. Shade the letters with the sharpie marker to make the 3d effect really pop. Black works best, but any dark color that goes with your theme will work.IMG_1141
  4. Then start cutting out your pieces of comic book. I tried to use the same page of comic for as many letters as I could and follow consecutively so that the comic looked as if it were playing out on the letters. I also cut them extra small and layered them in all directions to give it more movement.
  5. After all the letters had comic glued onto them, I spread the decoupage sealer back over top of all the letters to seal them in place and to add that shiny effect that comic books have. I went over  them twice to make them extra shiny.IMG_1142
  6. This step is optional and ultimately the only reason I did so was because i mounted the letters free from onto the wall
    1. then cut the letters out of the scrapbook paper with the exacto knife (all I had handy was my pocket knife- but it did the trick) IMG_1152
  7. Mount your letters and stare in awe at all your crafty genius!




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