Times They Are A Changin’…

… when it comes to weddings anyhow.

So what do you get that young couple that has been dating for quite some time, already been living together, seemingly has everything they could need or want already, recently announced their wedding and has no gift registry? Beats me!

Two of my cousins are getting married this summer and they are two of the most amazing and accomplished women I know and we grew up incredibly close. Both have been dating their now fiancées for years and both couples have been living together for quite some time, leaving me at a crossroads when it comes to the gift giving.

When traditional doesn’t apply to the way couples are meeting, dating, or even getting married, do traditional gifts still apply?  Are the days of giving household goods and monogrammed towels extinct, especially when more and more brides are keeping their last names? When the couples don’t have a gift registry do you ask them outright what they want or need, do you make an educated guess on what they might not have at their home already, or do you buy something for the wedding day itself?

These are all the things that have been occupying my brain as of late, as I try to figure out what in the world I get for two people who are family, who I love dearly, who I’m incredibly happy for, but whom I know nothing about in most every sense of their adult committed life or their soon to be husbands.

 I have been racking my brain, and feverishly searching online. My solution – ETSY! Etsy is such an amazing community of unique finds and a genius idea to market all the ideas that you yourself hadn’t though of yet. So after a few hours of searching I found quite a few brilliant ideas and pieces from shops that I’m completely smitten with.

So enjoy my finds, visit Etsy often, and good luck hunting for all those summer weddings!


 A print with a piece of road atlas from the wedding destination with their first names (great for those stubborn brides like me who kept their last names) and their wedding date from DefineDesign11.


or you can go with a modern and beautiful print of the state where the wedding is (or where the couple met) with a simple heart marking the city destination with their names and date from BetweenEverything.


A genius cutting board with a clever saying and the happy couples names- because honestly who couldn’t use more cutting boards, I know I sure could – this gem is from TaylorCraftsEngraved.


I have to admit, I may be getting one of these for myself this year for our anniversary I’m completely obsessed with the idea of the latitude and longitude coordinates of your wedding or where you met or even a place that is special to only you as a couple! This beauty is from HarveyGrey.


Lastly is another take on a lovely print with a simple saying in a gorgeous presentation with an Est. date – which personally is another thing im obsessed with, i think its so chic to say when your family was established rather than your wedding date is – this loveliness is from PrintChicks.


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