The Best of My Weekend…

… in photos!

Of course the biggest highlight of the weekend was going to see Man of Steel — and holy bananas was it was WORTH every minute of anticipation.  If you have yet to get your butt to a theater and see it – I don’t have a clue what you’re waiting for- get there, NOW.

It’s no secret that the hubs and I are huge comic book fans, (though I’m a true nerd, and he’s just a dude that is obsessed with super powers) so it was only fitting that in true fan fashion we sported matching shirts to the film debut.

IMG_1586Second, My “cheat days” always fall on the weekends and I often find myself indulging in three main things – mike and ikes, sourdough pretzels, and my absolute MUST Italian soda.

I don’t know what it is but it has the perfect mix of fruity and carbonated flavors. Its a necessity when Saturdays roll around.

IMG_1572To counter my inflation of carbs and calories on the weekend I step up my workouts and kick my arse with ballet blast.

It’s an intense workout that is an hour of ballet combined with weight lifting. Let me tell you, it is well worth the sweat dripping down your back when you’re done because you instantly feel refreshed, accomplished, and even better, you see results within 2 weeks!

IMG_1591After feeling like my ballet blast has really paid off, I decided to finally break in my short shorts and sport some of my favorite summer sandals.

IMGP1738Lastly, I naturally indulged my inner child (as if I don’t everyday) and decided to finally break down and put some of my Star Wars Legos together.

Sometimes, you need to just remember how fun it was to be a kid and for a day, an hour, or even a minute forget the realities of your adult life.

PicMonkey Collage

So bloggies, did you all have a fun filled weekend, breaking your diet, breaking a sweat, sporting matching outfits with your spouse, and enjoying the cinema?? I sure hope so!


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