Foodie Friday: Stars and Shield


Growing up in a military family makes the 4th of July one of the best holidays every year – Full of outdoor fun, the occasional attack by water balloon, extremely competitive football games, the most amazing BBQ food, friends abound, and of course staking out the best seats for fireworks!

Unfortunately, since living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific, it notoriously rains every year on the 4th forcing the BBQ to be done under cover or indoors, the water balloons being useless due to torrential downpours, turning the football games into video games or movies, and most sad of all NO FIREWORKS! :(

So what do you do when the most patriotic day of all days suddenly becomes the most depressing? … Make a Captain America inspired Fourth of July Cake OF COURSE!


I wanted something that screamed 4th but wasn’t the same old flag laid out on a sheet cake.

Plus, I’m always inspired by super heroes so why not include something from the most iconic American hero ever right?! Then how do you make it even more American??? You make the cake chocolate and the frosting peanut butter banana with maple bacon pieces. Yep – I said it, maple bacon — If your mouth isn’t watering right now then you aren’t a true red white and blue.


 (yea, I have Superhero prints framed all over my house – told ya – nerd)

I hope everyone has an amazing fourth and enjoys all the great picnic food and fun I didn’t get to :)


One comment

  1. LFFL · July 4, 2013

    Great looking pretty cake!

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