“Guess Who’s Back, Back Again”…

I AM BACK, tell a friend!

Talk about a hiatus huh?! I mean it’s only been about 3 years since I last posted.

Well kiddies, welcome back to the blog and stay tuned as I fill you in on the last three years of my life and how amazing everything has been.

Full on rainbows and unicorns.

SIKE!  To be honest,the past few years haven’t been all bad, some pretty amazing things have happened and overall I’ve been pretty lucky. However, with the good comes the bad and the real.

Before you bail on me, click on your next screen tab, or start typing a new website in your search bar, just know this isn’t a sob story or a pity party. THIS my friends, is a Mission Statement. I fully take responsibility for the complete unraveling of my self-worth, anxiety ridden day-to-day struggle and I’m refusing to stay in the shell I created out of fear.

So why not share it with the world? I mean, these days, who doesn’t want to know your every single move? Am I right? I mean I’m right, right?! – this is the digital age after all (actually hate myself a little for saying it and fully expect all of you to be rolling your eyes).

Alas! this is it – the list of change. “They”- you know the proverbial ‘they’ that everyone always quotes because we never have a clue who actually force fed us the motivational crap but now were hooked so we requote it – say “you can’t change your life until you change things you do on a daily basis”.

  • I WILL find beauty in the everyday
  • I WILL be creative
  • I WILL set aside time for myself
  • I WILL manage my expectations (insert reality v. instagram meme here)
  • I WILL read more
  • I WILL set aside more money to travel
  • I WILL choose to be happy (because let’s be real, it IS a choice and we need to consciously make an effort to choose the happiness)

Hopefully this is a match made in bloggie heaven and youll find some useful recipes from Foodie Fridays, take heed from my “what not to do” stories, or even a laugh at my DIY projects. Until next time …


pc:Derrick Bias Photography  mua:Kat O’Connor


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